Slice Audio File Splitter

Slice Audio File Splitter 2.0

Slice Audio File Splitter is an audio splitter/cutter for Windows

Slice Audio File Splitter is an audio splitter/cutter for Windows. It allows you to carry out splitting operations in three different ways. First, you can tell the application to split an audio file into an X number of files. So, if you want to split the file in half, just choose 2 in the drop-down list and two files of identical size and quality will be created. Additionally, you can tell Slice to split files at a specified duration. Thus, you can create several 10-second-long files, for example. The third option does the same as option two but it works best when you want to split full albums into individual tracks.

Slice also names your files according to the splitting method chosen. So for method 1, you will get a Part 1 or Part 2 in your final files. There are two ways in which your files get saved. You can either choose lossless slice or re-encoding. I tried the default one (lossless) and it cut a regular size mp3 file in half in a split second. No quality loss whatsoever was incurred. The formats supported, both for input and output files, are mp3, ogg, flac, and wav.

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  • Lossless or re-encode approaches
  • Three different splitting modes


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